A GIA Graduate Gemologist and Professional Appraiser Raffi M. Eurdekian, will work to provide you with a comprehensive and accurate Jewelry Appraisal you can rely on. 

Whether insuring your Jewelry, Verifying Quality, doing Damage Assessments, Estate Planning or Equitable Distribution in cases like divorce, we can meet your appraisal needs.  Here’s what you can expect:

  • Personalized Service: Including but not limited to,
    • Appraised jewelry cleaned whenever possible to help ensure proper grading.
    • Hi-Resolution Micro Photos of Major Diamonds and Gems using a high resolution, digital, 35mm SLR camera and Microscope. recording the interior features of diamonds and gemstones (much like a fingerprint) aids in grading and positive identification of said gems.

    • In depth, customized research as needed.

  • Diamond color grading using Actual GIA Diamond Master Stones (not irradiated c/z's or Unreliable electronic gadgets.)
  • additional appraisal formats can be designed for specific needs.
  • Appraisal updates available at reduced rates.

  • We appraise all types of jewelry

The very best in jewelry appraisal services in southeast Michigan.